How my newsletter saved my SEO optimization with Google

Those of us who are smart are concerned with our SEO for our site. A handful of us evey obsess about it. The main thing is that our site will show up well on Google. I recently had a problem where some bad review sites were coming up on the first page of Google when you Google one of my company names. I tried many ways to solve the problem. Posting other high ranking content using Twitter and Google+ had some effect on what showed up on the Google search results. But, the one thing that I did which got powerful results was using my newsletter to link to interesting pages about us and our various new social media accounts. I have a dozen social media accounts for my main site. I am not active on all of them, but I do have a presence.

Keep in mind that my success with the newsletter is not something that came overnight. It took me three years to build my newsletter to having 4300 followers. Additionally, the SEO success from posting links to great content on my newsletter took about a month to show results on Google’s search results. Google doesn’t always like to give instant gratification. They prefer to keep you guessing about what worked and why.

So, if you want to keep your clients close, and get some increased site traffic and have more control over what happens on Google, consider a newsletter. It is a huge investment of time, but it is one of my most powerful marketing channel after Facebook. Facebook is currently giving me 6000 visitors per month to my blog while my newsletter is not far behind at around 4000. Of course these numbers could vary depending on how actively I use them, but for use that I consider to be “moderate” those are the numbers!

All I can say is, “wow,” SEO strength doesn’t come easily, but thank god I have what I call SEO muscle!

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