The relationships that I work for don’t work

I’ve noticed that I have tried and tried in my social life. I tried to make friends with people who didn’t value me. I tried to meet girls who just didn’t like me. I tried and tried and tried. But, the relationships that I have that last were ones that I did not try for. Those relationships just came to me. Long ago a friend told me that I put too much effort in meeting new people. He said I should wait and see who comes to me. I sounded like a very deep suggestion. Unfortunately, not so many people are interested in me. And those that are are not usually my type. I decided to devote my life to work and spirituality as the frequency of people being interested in me is not great enough.

I just wonder if my friend was right. When I am working hard at meeting people I’m sending the universe a message that I want to meet people. Since I have stopped trying, the universe has not sent me too many people. Perhaps it is because I live in Los Angeles or because I’m in my 40’s. I can’t say.

In any case — don’t die trying at relationships. Perhaps a balanced amount of effort is the right amount.

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