New Startups on the Techstars accellerator

Here are some interesting new startups that are part of the Techstars Seattle Accelerator program. This program focuses on promising and innovative companies that take advantage of some of the new technology such as analytics, drones, gaming, and information sharing.

This company replants forests using drones at a price that is 10% as expensive. I’ll think they’ll be doing well until the drones get their heads together and form a union.

this is a slack bot for collecting critical feedback at work. Information can come in the form of polls.

This company connects gamers through interactive live streaming.

Fig Loans
This company offers affordable credit for low-income families

This company connects property managers and contractors such as handymen, plumbers, electricians, etc.

Kepler Communications
This company offers access to space borne data in real-time. This service is normally used to communicate with spacecraft. If they want to really save money on rent, they can put their office in space too!

This service makes it easy to swap shifts at work in a hurry! I thought that’s what semi-balding managers were for…


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