10 things outsourcing companies do wrong on social media

Outsourcing companies do not have a very good presence on social media. That is the first thing wrong. But, when they do, they publish a lot of the wrong type of content. Let’s go into detail.

1. Most outsourcing companies don’t use social media, or don’t use it enough.

2. Many outsourcing companies publish advertising content about themselves. This is counterproductive on social media.

3. Good social media involves publishing industry relevant articles that do NOT try to sell anything. You captivate your audience with quality content that informs and perhaps entertains.

4. About us type information is popular on social media. Photos of what your office did on Diwali or Christmas help. Or show a photo of you all having a communal meal or having a birthday party wearing funny hats.

5. Dry factual information about the industry might not be popular. It is common for outsourcing blogs to focus on which company merged with what other company or bought an office from some other company. The readership for this boring content is not that good. Read your stats to see what type of content is popular with your readers.

6. Not looking at your stats as I mentioned in the last point is suicide. If you don’t know what people enjoyed reading, how will you know what to write about next time?

7. Not interacting is a huge mistake. Social Media is all about interacting. If people ask a question on social media, get back to them right away — every time.

8. Outsource your social media. If you are an outsourcing company, you might think that people outsource to you. But, you might need to outsource to someone else as well. Social media requires skill and familiarity. If you can’t, hire someone who does.

9. Write more blog entries. If your blog doesn’t exist or has very few posts, you need to write blog entries regularly. I spent hours every month writing and writing. The result is that my blog gets excellent traffic every month.

10. Follow a lot on social media. You can’t grow your presence without following people. So, follow people who are relevant to your industry.

That’s all for now. I wish you luck with social media.

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