Do you have a friend that gives you good luck?

Sometimes it is hard to know who your most beneficial friends are. But, I have a collection of stories about mine. I have three people in my life who I am close to who all give me excellent luck.

My Housemate
My housemate is a lady who I have known for years. Although we don’t always get along, in the long run we are still friends. Many of my most valuable contacts and social connections came to me as a result of her including my psychic who I think is one of my top three most prized relationships. Through my housemate I have been introduced to dozens of interesting people throughout the years, and she has many interesting stories and experiences to share as well. I have been happily living in my current location for 15 years as a result of knowing her. And yes, we met in meditation — so go to satsangh today!

My Webmaster
My webmaster is someone I have known for seventeen years. I started out with another guy who was just a pain in the neck. They were unfriendly about getting anything done and were always trying to gouge me. How selfish. So, finally one day I had had it and found someone new. I have been with my current webmaster forever and he has become like a family member. Additionally, we go out from time to time and I have had the most meaningful discussions about personal and business topics during these outings. I got excellent programming help for years through him. Later on he stopped being involved in programming and started social media where he offered excellent help to me as well. There were many times where he saved my neck when there were emergencies regarding servers as well.

But, there’s more. Whatever projects I start with my webmaster seem to have a good luck charm. We created my site 123notary together and that turned into a huge money maker and long term life changer. My life would be a disaster if that site hadn’t done well. He was the only guy with programmers who would actually cooperate and do good work which helped me a lot. Additionally, he got me going on Facebook and blogging which both became a huge success. Perhaps 50% of my web traffic comes directly or indirectly as a result of my social media activities. Last month we got 7500 clicks from Facebook which lead to exponentially more clicks to my site. Last, but not least, I have been studying feng-shui for twenty years. My webmaster and I went on a trip to a great feng-shui place and it proved to be the best luck I’ve ever seen. Since then I have been going regularly and prospering. Last, but not least, something very lucky resulted from a phone conversation two months ago where I wanted to help him with feng-shui. I told him that feng-shui could help him with his social media campaigns of which he has hundreds. But, that I didn’t know how it worked. So, I spent two months researching locations that stimulate the qi energy that helps social media campaigns and miracles happened!

My Psychic
My psychic is responsible for helping me interpret my dreams, deal with emotional situations, plan my business and more. Half a year ago we spent 12 hours channeling the greatest business minds out there. Some were alive and some were in spirit form while others were group consciousness(es) that we tapped into. This was the most meaningful business activity I had ever done. Additionally, he was the one who told me to become an expert at feng-shui. I studied it very seriously and now have a long list of locations with a wide variety of feng-shui positive attributes that nobody else knows about or can understand the theory behind. He has changed my life in such a huge way.

A Final Note
Sorry, that I keep writing about feng-shui which is something you probably know little or nothing about. But, I visit places for an hour at a time once per day which give me good luck that helps me get more sales, more clicks on social media, retreive older customers, etc. I am not actually meeting anyone at these places. They just have good energy and are places like restaurants, or hanging out next to an office building, movie studio, etc. It seems very unassuming, but I assure you that the power of qi energy can change your business and health if you understand how to use it effectively.

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