How do I find the least expensive call centers in the world? has the monopoly on call centers. Our information is kept up to date regularly so you won’t find out of business companies. We list call centers in all price ranges. But, if it is cheap you are looking for, India and Pakistan have the cheapest. Whether the quality of their work is any good, you be the judge of that. For quality, Central America and the Philippines are the place to look for call centers as their communication skills in English are excellent and pricing is moderate.

Pricing for call center work at call centers ranges from around $5-8 per hour in India. In the Philippines it ranges from $7-$11. In Central America rates range from $9-13 per hour. In North America you will be paying $30-60 per hour which is far out of range in my opinion. My rate estimates are very generalized and you might find more pricing diversity than what I mentioned if you look hard.

So, if you want to find the least expensive call centers in the world, you have come to the right place. Or, find one that is reasonable in price with excellent service.

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