Working for someone else is a nightmare. Try freelancing!

Do you feel like you aren’t ever in control? Working for someone else is a nightmare where that is the reality. You can be fired on a whim, or if business slows down. Additionally, the boss might never let you have a chance to do anything fun or work your way up the ladder. Running your own business puts you in the drivers seat, but what are the risks?

I run my own business, and unfortunately, there is so much you have to know and do, that it is about four times as difficult as having a job. On a brighter note, you will learn much more quickly if you have your own business. Those who have a job just have to do one or more task every day and do it well. This is easier to master, but can be boring, and might not pay well. As a business owner you have to know how to do your main task, market yourself, manage your business, handle accounting, deal with programmers, artists, designers, writers, and more. You will have twenty things you have to know how to handle to a certain extent. What a burden. Next, you’ll have to learn how to hire people to handle some of the tasks you need to do. The problem is, that if you can’t do a particular task, how will you know how to hire someone for that particular task?

So are you more in control with your own business or a job? The answer is that if you can handle owning your own business, stay afloat, and make a living, you are more in control. But, most people can’t handle it. But, what can most people handle?

How about being a freelancer? There are so many really good freelancer sites out there these days that rate freelancers and let you read the ratings. Tons of people are doing programming and social media freelancing, writing articles, answering phones, and more. Being a freelancer you need to know how to get paid on time and how to do one thing. If you want more control in your life — be a freelancer. If business gets rough, you can always lower your rates. And you might lose a client here and there, but you can get another one to take their place. If you lose a job, you are just out on the street.

So, now after reading this article, you now know how to be in control. The most important thing is to do good work so your customers feel in control. Good luck!

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