Impersonal Companies

Back when I was starting my web business, people kept telling me to do it like the other companies. I was told not to have a phone number and to just have a form. I disagreed with that logic as I like to keep it personal. As a directory owner, I get to see how others do in business and how following trends works out.

People like my business because we keep it personal and because we offer high quality information with just a simple phone call or email without even needing to be transfered. It is like an instant source of valuable information that helps others survive in their businesses. Other companies make you jump through hoops just to get simple questions answered.

Some of the companies on my directory that only have a form as their sole contact method have a habit of going out of business very quickly. I think it is partly due to their attitude of not wanting to talk to people.

Honestly, to succeed in business is hard, but if you master the art of phone communication, being helpful, and getting work done correctly and on time, you have a real chance as the competition can’t handle those four things.

So, make an attempt to make your business more personal and learn the art of American small talk. It is so important, especially if you deal with Americans!

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