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Getting to know another culture helps to a point

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If you live in a big city, or if you are new living overseas you are surrounded by many different cultures. Although you are “exposed” to these cultures, you are not part of them, and you probably don’t really understand them. If you really spend time in a particular culture, you will reduce friction with that culture to a point. You will eliminate (reduce) your lack of understanding. You will know more about people’s sensitivities from that culture. What initially seemed strange to you, you’ll get used to and be familiar with.

However, there are certain things that you might not be able to get over. Stumbling blocks. If people from another culture just don’t cooperate in certain ways, or have values that are deeply unacceptable to you, or insist on discriminating against you (and perhaps blaiming you of discrimination when they are the ones doing it.) How can you get beyond these problems? No amount of familiarity with the culture will help.

Whites and blacks in America are working together and spending more time with each other. We are getting used to each other, but the difference in attitudes about crime, police, social graces, music, language, lifestyle and other issues will continue to divide us no matter how well we know each other.

I was raised in America, and got to know Indians in high school a little bit, and in college. But, I knew fun Indians from the upper class when I was young. The minute I was in a spiritual group with more run of the mill South Indians (where the Master was not run of the mill, but formerly ran a mill in Tamil Nadu as a CEO) I began to see the real character of Indians. Everybody started out nice. But, once you got beyond the small talk there was a barrier. Many cultures have social barriers. With South Indians the barrier starts after the small talk. With Mexicans it starts before the small talk. With Arabs, they first make friends with you and then outcaste you. Each culture puts their barrier in a different place it seems.

The real problem started many years after I got used to Indians. I lived in India for a few months at a time on various occassions in different parts of India. And yes, the culture differs a lot from Maharashtria to Kerela, to Tamil Nadu, etc. I did not spend time in Northwest India where Hindu-Muslim tension is high thank God. I was down South where everyone is docile. But, we began to have a problem with noise. People would abuse their privelege with loud speakers, and cause disturbances in meditation. I asked the authorities to help stop this problem, but there was a refusal to cooperate. The problems didn’t stop, and my complaining got louder and louder. It got to the point where they kept telling me to be more tolerant — but, by this time it was dozens of people who were involved and telling me to be more tolerant. After my complaining got to the point of screaming, they got to the point where they could no longer tolerate my complaining, yet wouldn’t lift a finger to stop the noise pollution that happened everywhere I went in the mission. So, instead of solving the problem, they removed me.

So, although I got to know Indian culture — the culture of sweeping problems under the rug, and when those problems come out of the rug to sweep them under the rug again instead of solving them. India is a culture where you remove the one who complains instead of solving the problem. It seems that understanding Indians doesn’t help me get along with them better. It helps me get along with them worse because I’m so allergic to the nonsense that most of them give me. I’m sick of the excuses, the lies, the bullshit. Why is it that there can’t be Indians who have integrity, who stand up for what is right, and are sensitive to how others feel who have different feelings from themselves? Do such Indians exist? I haven’t met a single living one — only the spirits of deceased gurus who I have relationships with.

I guess it will all end soon. My guru says that the Hindu-Muslim conflict will leave every single North Indian dead within our lifetime. This is not my prefered way of solving the problem. But perhaps this is God’s way of doing to India, what my Indian spiritual group did to me — removing people instead of solving the problem.

My advice to anyone learning about another culture by being involved in it is — what you see is NOT what you get. You will find out things about the culture that you were not expecting and that are so horrible that you won’t be able to deal with it. You might find good things too. And one more thing. If you want to learn about a nice culture, try the Thais. Apart from their morality infractions that they are famous for, they are very nice people — I’ll vouch for them.

What does your company’s click stat mean on 123outsource?

Categories: Analytics | Tagged , , | Leave a comment keeps stats on BPO companies. After all, we need information that can help us decide who should be high in the search results and who should be removed completely from the list. At first we saw who answered their phone. Then, we tried to see how easy it was to talk to a manager. After that, we assessed the quality of the conversation with the manager.

Phone Stats
I found that these stats were helpful, however, it is unpredictable whether you will call on a holiday as I don’t know when Indian holidays are. It seems every other day is a holiday. No wonder nothing gets done. It is also unpredictable if the manager will be in. Usually the BPO workers don’t communicate well, so if you can’t speak to a manager, the conversation will be horrible. Another thing I noticed is that some companies had horrible phone lines, so that they can’t even hear you properly unless you repeat everything several times. So, phone stats were helpful, but I found even better analytics which were easy to get.

Email Stats
A month ago, I emailed most of the people on our outsourcing directory asking them for basic rates. Some ignored my email altogether and got kicked off the directory. While others, answered the email, but didn’t give me rates. A few asked for more information instead of answering my question which really was a headache. But, a few answered my questions within minutes and I was very happy about that. Those that mean business rise to the top of the search results and will get more business as a result!

Click Stats
However, click stats were very much more interesting. Since BPO companies are placed at different levels on our search results, their click stats will really vary. I wanted to even the score and create an AB testing environment. So, I moved a few listings from the middle of the list to near the top of the list and compared their clicks to others near the top of the list. The result was that those who were originally near the middle of the list performed horribly on the top of the list. I learned that the public didn’t like these listings enough to click on them which meant that the companies were horrible.

One of the reason I like click stats is that I don’t have to do any work to test companies out. I just put them in a placement, take notes, and get a result that is very accurate. Click stats can really vary too. A good company will perform six times as well on click stats than a bad company. We had companies getting six clicks a day while others got less than one click — talk about unpopular.

The problem is that it is time consuming to get click stats on every single company on my site. So, I’ll just stick to the popular categories like call center, bpo, and data entry. Wish me luck. But, the bottom line is that click stats are the most cut and dry method of analyzing the quality of a company. Call stats are unreliable since you don’t know who will answer. Email stats are good, but only distinguish the speed of the result. Click stats tell me if the public likes an outsourcing company enough to click on them which is much better than me deciding how I feel about a BPO company.

Syria vs. Botswana: Sex & AIDS vs. Violence

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It seems that all cultures are off balance to a point. Some cultures have sex too much and develop venareal diseases and AIDS. Other cultures suppress sexuality and those cultures have pent up frustration.

Many of the black African nations have out of control sexual behavior. AIDS has been a serious crisis in many parts of Africa for decades now. Botswana is a text book case of the worst part of the world concerning the AIDS epidemic. A nation littered with small shacks inhabited by orphaned children whose parents died of AIDS. Is this part of God’s divine plan to make the human race more moral — or destroy us? Looks like it is!

Meanwhile in many of the Muslim and Hindu countries, they have the opposite problem. Human beings are designed to need to be touched by the opposite gender. The problem is if you touch them the wrong way, you can get pregnant before you’re married, AIDS, or other diseases. However, if you restrict relations between men and women, people (particularly male people) get very frustrated and can develop a culture of hostility and violence. In India, the Hindus are very rough and insensitive people. Not all of them, but fi you live in India, your toes will get stopped on in all kinds of ways every single day. The Hindu religion requires respect of women, but a woman cannot walk through a park in Bangalore without being followed by sexually deprived men, molesters and gropers. Women are routinely followed, harrassed, yelled at, and badgered by men in India. So, the result of sexual repression is widespread molestation. Meanwhile in Syria and some of the Middle-Eastern countries the same frustration boils over in the form of genocide and mass murder in the form of warfare.

So, it looks like either way you cut the cake you lose. If your culture has sex, you get diseases, and if you don’t, you get molestation, rape and murder in widespread proportions. How can humans deal with this problem? One of the answers lies in spirituality. Many religious texts do not restrict relations between men and women except for intercourse, while religions and religious sects or cultures add another few layers of restrictions that do not exist in the texts which might be their idea of “best practices.”

It is not forbidden for a married woman to have a friend who is a man. But, it is not a best practice as the husband might not be okay with it, etc. But, before people are married, keeping the genders separated is not mentioned in any religious text that I’m aware of — Hindu, Muslim, Christian, or Jewish. Only intercourse is forbidden.

It seems that following the instructions of the angels instead of the instructions of off-balance human interpretations is the key to solving the problem of moderation. There also needs to be a legal way for Indian men to get their frustrations relieved so there are no more gropers. Gropers even grope men, and society allows this in India. The police rarely do anything while in America you go to jail and are marked by the legal system as a sex offender for life. It looks like America is a little too uptight about these things while India needs to be a little more uptight. And that my friends is what I call balance.

BPO companies in India

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There are many BPO companies in India. New ones seem to sprout up like weeds. Unfortunately the quality of some of these BPO companies in India is not the best. However, on, we have a variety of methodologies to identify companies that are a lot better than average.

Find a BPO on!
If you do a search on for BPO companies in India, you will find some of the better BPO companies. This doesn’t guarantee that they will be excellent, but for every company you find on our outsourcing directory, we have weeded out dozens. For better results, just check the regular search results page for worldwide BPO or Call Center. That way you can find the best companies in the world instead of limiting yourself to India.

What specialties do we recommend looking in India for?
Data Entry is cheap in India with rates starting around US $1.80 per hour. There are also decent medical transcription, billing and technical support companies in India. Web Design and programming services in India are also not bad. The key is to find the right company and not rely on generalizations about how good you think companies are in a particular country.

What outsourcing work should you avoid India for?
For inbound call center we recommend the Philippines or Central America. For lead generation, India has more aggressive callers while the Filipinos are smoother on the phone. For ERP programming, Russia has some huge and well reputed companies.

It is hard to say who you should hire in the long run, but our outsourcing directory takes a lot of the work out of the process as we have eliminated most of the bad companies from our list and moved the mediocre ones to the bottom of the list. Those BPO companies in India or elsewhere in the world at the top of the list are the best quality that is currently available. So, if you don’t like them, you’ll have to hire your own in-house staff and figure it out yourself!