Do we still have freedom of speech?

America was founded based on people having certain freedoms, one of which being freedom of speech. But, our freedom of speech is so inhibited, that we kind of don’t have freedom of speech.

If you talk about anything religious or political, people might tell you to be quiet, or accuse you of being sexist, racing or politically incorrect just for mentioning certain religions names or expressing any type of idea.

The next issue I have is that there are different rules for black people than there are for whites. Black people can use offensive racial (racist) language and get away with it while whites cannot say anything without being accused. Is it fair? Whites are always accused of being racist whether they are racist or not while Asians and Hispanics can disciminate all day long and nobody bats an eyelash. So, not only do we not have freedom of speech, but whites are held to very high and unfair standards while other rates don’t seem to be held to any standard.

In China on the other hand, people have big mouths. They make all types of remarks about anything and everything that would be very offensive if translated into English. They just blurt out what they think since nobody is antagonizing them for opening their mouths. The irony behind the iron curtain is that they have more freedom of speech than we do simply because their people are more tolerant than “freedom loving” Americans.

You can say what you like in China — just don’t criticize the government too much or they will strike back.

So, we are fighting for freedom in Iraq when we don’t have freedom here at home. How pathetic. If I decide I want to live in a country with freedom of speech, I’m moving to China.

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