What is important in dating is also important in business

When you go out to find a date, your friends will push their narrow-minded views down your throat. They will insist that the girl comes from your type of background, has the right type of job, and dresses the right way. In my experience, none of this matter, not even a little bit. I dated a girl from the right background, the right spiritual group, the right type of job, and the right type of family — it was the worst relationship I’ve ever had and broke in a very painful way.

Years earlier, I dated someone from a different continent who was not educated, hardly spoke English, was eighteen years older than I was, and had nothing in common with me. I had a much longer and more pleasant relationship.

After I summed up all of my platonic and romantic relationships and friendships and figured out what was good and bad about each one, what I discovered was…

1. The relationships that lasted the longest were with people who were from a similar class whose parents were from the same educational level and/or level of sophistication my parents were from. But, they weren’t necessarily from the same country.

2. In romantic relationships what matters most is:
Chemistry, Conversation, Cooperation, Consideration, Similar attitudes about abortion, Similar attitudes about sexuality

3. In marriage what matters most is
Family — whether you get along with them, Attitude about saving & spending, Type of job the other person has, Spiritual Views, Cultural Views, Common Goals, and Loyalty (perhaps this one should come first)

As you can see, the list for marriage and romance are completely different the minute a commitment is there — at least from my point of view.

Finding an Outsourcing Company
So, what if you were looking for a BPO to hire, and you talked to a few of the managers for a while. Would it make sense to hire a company because you felt good chemistry with them?

CUSTOMER: I really like your voice.

RAHUL (BPO MANAGER): Gee thanks.

CUSTOMER: I feel like we have good chemistry together and a deep connection.

RAHUL: That figures, I majored in chemistry in college. This connection is pretty good. It’s Fios.

CUSTOMER: I’m looking for a meaningful relationship with an ePublishing company

RAHUL: We can deliver meaning in any context — online or book format — your choice. But maybe we can shoot for an eFling first.

CUSTOMER: That’s not what I meant. I’m looking for a deeper friendship

RAHUL: I”m not sure my wife would be okay with that. I’ll have to ask. Or she could come along

CUSTOMER: I just feel so happy when I meet everyone’s family.

RAHUL: You obviously haven’t met my sister. Just one more question…

RAHUL: Yes. Yes.

CUSTOMER: What are your views on abortion?

RAHUL: I’m pro-choice: eCommerce format or PDF.

CUSTOMER: We mesh perfectly. I’m finding you very sexy right now. What are your attitudes about saving and spending?

RAHUL: I save for a rainy day. And I spend on umbrellas.

CUSTOMER: Spiritual views?

RAHUL: I pray it doesn’t rain today. I just washed my car.

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