What to look for when hiring a medical transcription company

There is a lot that can go right or wrong when hiring medical transcription help. Any company can hire reps that will write down what you say in a tape. But, can they do the job right and on time?

Error Rates are well documented in the Medical Transcription industry. It is the only industry I’ve seen with such detailed statistics. But, how do you know if their error rate calculation is accurate unless you take your own reading.

Communication is another factor. Does the company that you hired communicate well? Do they pick up the phone? Are they happy to hear from you? Dealing with unpleasant people is a sure way to ruin your day. The question is, can you find the right people?

Commenting is another issue. Can your medical transcription agent make appropriate comments? Also, can they differentiate between text they should include, and you saying “ouch” when you stubbed your toe? Many are so incompetent that they just put the ouch right into the text (and then get fired as a result.)

A smart medical transcription company can catch your errors instead of making errors on their own. It’s just a question of hiring sharp people who care. Some of the MT companies out there are so horrible that my chiropractor decided to train his own girls how to do the job even though it was more expensive. But, his girls did the job right.

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  1. DT Systems says:

    The factors that necessarily make a medical transcription company worthy are as follows:

    The ability to complete the work or designated assignment within the requisite time period.
    The ability to render 100% accuracy to the medically transcribed data.
    The ability to maintain a prolific working ability such that there is absolutely no work lag or a hindrance in the work output.
    Knowledge regarding the basic medical terms and the ability to research the extensive terms is necessary.
    Adherence to quality at every phase of the assignment is impeccably important. The person must not be looking forward to any form of compromise no matter what be the situation.
    A prolific workforce acquainted with the flawless usage of modern machinery for medical transcription is also an equally vital aspect.

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