My new social media blogging strategy — a tagging system

It is common knowlege that you should put lots of relevant tags on your blog. It is really common sense. However, my outsourcing blog (the one you’re reading) tends to get a waterfall of clicks on particular posts and other posts tend to get almost completely neglected. So, when I’m adding posts to WordPress, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to invest time in putting in a lot of tags.

What I do is find out which blogs did well after a month, and which blogs from last year are still doing well now. I take the winning blogs and invest a lot of time in adding up to a dozen links to tags as well as adding tags to the particular blog. Additionally, I add links to other related or interesting blogs.

I have about thirty very popular posts on my blog. These posts serve as an input valve for traffic to the blog. We get much more traffic to those posts which seem to get traffic from Google than we do from people clicking on the actual main feed for the blog. So, I use these thirty magical blog entries as a location to direct traffic. We get a few thousand clicks to those pages each month, so by linking to other interesting posts, I can get a lot of cross-traffic going around the blog, to tags, and to my directory pages as well. This new system is time efficient, and should also help my overall SEO for the blog as a whole as well as for my tag keywords which are very relevant.

The surprising fact is that one of my most popular tags has nothing to do with what I write about. It is KFC in India. I did two posts that mentioned my culinary delight in Bangalore at KFC and it became my most popular tag while BPO, KPO, and other outsourcing tags were not as popular for some reason. Perhaps I need to invest more time making them more popular!

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