One outsourcing company advertised on apps & got big business

How do I advertise my outsourcing business?
How do I advertise for my BPO?
Advertising in the outsourcing business is a tricky thing. There are brokers, directories, websites, word of mouth, networking, and more. I like to ask around to see who is doing what.

One company claimed that they advertised on apps and using banner advertising on relevant websites. This is not a bad idea if you can measure the results from each advertising medium. You basically need tracking for each app, and a different page that each banner forwards clicks to. Then use Google Analytics to see how much page traffic each page got. Measuring results is easy if you use a sensible system as I described.

The hard part is deciding which apps to advertise on? How do you even source them? The solution is to scour the world market for apps, and see which ones might be relevant to your business or attract people who might want to use the type of services that you offer.

Trial and error and measuring ROI is a huge part of being a good advertise or marketer. So, learn to identify all options and research the best options and then compare. The secret to success is in your skill of comparing.

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