2020 to 2030 — will outsourcing survive a period of war and depression?

I have always been worried about the future, prophesies, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and wars. Revelation warns of this, my spiritual Master warns of the same. Most religions say something bad is going to happen in the world to make room for a new society that is spiritually based. The problem is that most of the world has to get wiped out in the mean time. I run a business and if you read my blog chances are you do too. We need to stay afloat in good times as well as bad.

The world is sort of falling apart. Europe is flailing with a huge influx of Middle-Eastern immigrants who have caused a lot of grief to the locals. Russia is ready to take over neighboring countries that used to be part of its empire. Saudi Arabia and the Emirates are going broke and selling oil dirt cheap just to prolong their demise. China is drowning in its own pollution and having a bad economic downturn. The only country doing well these days seems to be The USA, and to some extent perhaps Brazil, Australia and a few others. Some of the African nations are becoming more economically strong which is nice, but they have a long way to go.

Additionaly, we are looking at world-wide bankruptcies that will be simultaneous. Too many countries have borrowed more than they can ever pay back, and when these countries crash all at once, the future of the world economy is unsure. We might create a system to forgive debts or create a world-wide currency. But, in reality, if someone lent you money, you have to pay them back in one form or another.

The question is, how will outsourcing companies survive a global depression or war. If you are in Hyderabad and the world goes to hell, will you still be able to sell your programming and call center services? And what about us here in the states? Will we be safe hiring someone in India when the Pakistanis will eventually invade and kill everybody? What will happen to my code if my programmer Praveen gets his head cut off by invading Mahmood? What if the economy in the states gets so bad we actually do our own programming work? Then India will be out of business! Or worse, what if I hire a nice Indian Muslim in the United States, and then our government cracks down on Muslims and he gets sent back to Delhi? What happens to my code?

As you can see, I think of the worst. Hope for the best, plan for the worst are words of wisdom. None of us can control the outcome of the world, but we can prepare by having savings. That way if we have to work for far less than we are used to, we still survive.

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