Do people leave their BPO job for personal reasons or career reasons?

I am a career oriented person. I have been in the same line of work for close to two decades. To me, career thinking is the only way that makes sense. Otherwise you won’t have a career, a position in life, money or respect. However, others just jump from job to job without any sense of commitment or meaning. I can’t stand that behavior. What is worse, the logic behind people’s decisions leaving jobs also doesn’t make much sense.

Ladies often quit their job when they have a new boyfriend, fiance, husband, a baby, move, or change the way they feel about the job. If you are having a baby, that is a real reason to quit. But, in this modern age to quit your job because of a man doesn’t make sense. Women have equal rights yet do not want to provide equal income!

Then there are the personality conflicts responsible for job change. Either the boss is mean, or the employee is disrespectful to the boss and gets fired. There are also the disengaged workers, and I blame their disengagement for a disinterest in life in general as well as a boss who doesn’t work closely enough with them. Then there are people who have conflicts of interest. One wants to do a job one way while the other wants to do the opposite. Splitting up is inevitable.

Finally there are the job hoppers who are always looking for a better opportunity. If another company has a nicer recreation room, prettier secretaries, or offers 5% better pay, you can expect a job hopper to hop faster than a bunny rabbit.

So, how do you hire people who are going to stick around? After all, it is expensive having people leave a project in the middle, right? I would pay people more if their fact-checked resume indicates that they stuck at the same job for an average of at least four years. That shows commitment — and you can’t make it in any career with any skill level without a good sense of commitment.

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