If Trump hired your outsourcing company would you get fired?

Donald Trump is an American business hero. He is the man who without question gets the job done. And if you mouth off to him or are stupid in how you do your work — you’re fired! There is no room for joking around with Trump. I will also make a note that America really is feeling Donald Trump’s leadership in December 2016 long before he physically sets foot in the White House and weeks before he is officially in office. Americans are feeling a lift in the oppression of political correctness speech control. We are also feeling more in control (whites) while blacks are feeling like they are going back to the plantation (that will never happen.) I feel that the American business culture will change as we feel Trump’s influence and we will not tolerate as much nonsense as we used to. The leader of an organization’s consciousness trickles down to all members of that organization according to feng-shui, and I’m feeling it in Trump’s case especially. In fact — I feel like firing someone today!

Outsourcing companies in all countries get away with a lot of nonsense. People answer their phones poorly, or don’t have an answering machine. People make promises they can’t keep, deliver work late, and deliver broken programming, data entry riddled with mistakes, and substandard call center workers. The minute your customer has standards, you will get fired — and fast. Companies in the United States who do outsourcing are a little better if you are willing to pay five times as much for still very shoddy work. Why is it so hard to just find good people to do good work? It is easier just to hire your own staff overseas rather than outsource to one of these shoddy companies!

In my experience, every outsourcing company that exists would get fired by Trump. All of you offer poor customer service, poor work, failure to observe deadlines, and a lot of price gimmicks too. Trump would not tolerate any of this. So, it’s time to clean up your outsourcing act and deliver quality that you’ve never delivered before, because Americans expect more now!

Trump is going to go through the government firing people left and right. He is going to get tough on foreign countries that have been jerking us around for years with unfair trade practices. The outsourcing companies will be the next on his list of you don’t get your act together! You’ll either get taxed — or fired!

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