What hard or soft-skills do BPO workers learn on the job?

In India in the old days it was hard to find a job. Socialism made it impossible to fire people, and also impossible to get a job. If socialism makes life impossible for everyone, then what is the point of it?

But, now in India, The Philippines and other places, it is easy to get a job in the BPO sector if you have passable English. Young people can get a job right away, but they don’t only get paid, they also learn skills.

People reported learning all types of skills working in the BPO industry such as MS Work & Excel, database knowledge, keyboard shortcuts, spreadsheet, as well as solving technical and internet problems and programming languages for those in a more technical capacity.

But, also learned softer skills such as communication skills, customer service, multi-tasking, and more.

The skills learned made employees more desireable for future employment which seems to be a huge long-term perk. Many recent college graduates surveyed commented that working at a BPO was a good first job. On the other hand, it might be nicer for clients of BPO companies if the workers had a little more experience and were a little older!

Working at a BPO is a good first job and the work experience can be a credential for a future job.

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