Would your BPO or Call Center get more clients if you personalized yourselves?

Many companies in India tend to try to be as impersonal as possible as being impersonable and unfriendly seems businesslike. Trying to get someone to blindly sign a contract when you tell them nothing about yourself seems typically Indian — and seems like the type of company who I would not do any type of business with.

The way to get ahead in business is to develop rapport with clients, and deliver reliable, good work. Being secretive, distant and unfriendly may be a sign of our times, but doesn’t get you in well with clients contrary to popular belief.

One Filipino Call Center decided to take lots of photos of them having birthday parties and show how their staff looked in real life while not figuratively chained to a phone. People will be more likely to hire you and keep you if they get to know you and see how you look, etc. The more they know about you the better, even if it is negative. Just as long as you didn’t murder anyone, people relate to you more if they know how you broke up with your girlfriend, your brother lost his job as they closed down his facility (through no fault of his own) and your car got totaled in an accident in a bad rain storm. Just as long as the negatives don’t pain you as irresponsible or reckless, they help people to relate to you.

On your company website, or Facebook, you can show photos of staff having parties or on their day off at the beach, etc. If you connect clients to these more personable moments, it really helps to create that emotional bond.

People in India are very hospitable when off duty or have in-person client visits. But, over the phone, Indians tend to be unfriendly and unhelpful, and impersonal. I hope this blog helps Indians get it through their heads that the rest of the world needs you, but would use you more and pay you better if you would just be a little more personal and smooth in your communication skills.

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