My letter to Trump about the environment

Donald Trump is a very thoughtful guy who has everything in common with mother nature. Let me elaborate.

Donald Trump has impeccable taste and can build beautiful buildings in two or three years;
Mother Nature also has equally good taste and can build beautiful mountains in two or three hundred million years;

Donald Trump can create complicated organizations that serve humanity such as large business with intricate internal structures;
Mother Nature also creates complicated organizations, but in the form of organisms and ecosystems;

Donald Trump knows how to harness the right resources to get very large and complicated business jobs done;
Mother Nature also knows how to harness forces of nature to get ocean waves to wave, winds to blow, and landscapes to form;

Donald Trump gives people a few chances over six or seven weeks and then says, “YOU’RE FIRED.” if the worker continues to screw up or talk back. In such a case, the worker can just find another job;

Mother Nature gives humans a chance over six or seven decades to trash the planet, drill holes in her skin, and pollute her air and then says, “YOU’RE FIRED.” In such a case, the human population can just find another planet;

Donald Trump needs to realize that global climate change is not something that people merely talk about, but there is meterological data to support the idea that temperatures are not what they used to be on the poles, or in Scotland, Denmark, etc. Additionally, hurricanes are more frequent, earthquakes are being reported more often, and other natural disasters are happening at a greater pace. Basically, Mother Nature is in the process of warning us that we are going to get fired. The problem is, that once we come to our senses it will be too late.

My guru says that another planet has been assigned to us earthlings for after we destroy it. But, the only way to get there is to die and get reincarnated in the planet. Donald Trump needs to realize that the price we pay for our fracking, offshore drilling and general environmental wrecklessness is simply not worth the price to humanity. We are all affected and there is nowhere to run or hide, even for the rich. It is easier to “go solar” and find clean ways of living. It will not kill us or our businesses to stay clean and grean. And besides, for those of us who brag about being “conservative,” what could be more critical to conserve but the sanctity of our planet? As a species, we need to find a global organization to monitor our environmental activities otherwise we’re all fired!

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