Blogging & Writing while you are feeling the inspiration

I tend to focus on what needs to be done. I tend to do tasks in a concentrated way. I’ll do emails daily, but other tasks I’ll do for several days at a time until done, and then on to the next thing. But, with blogging, it makes more sense to write the blog at the moment you get the inspiration instead of waiting. You can always write your ideas down on a list and write the actual blogs later. But, there is a flow in writing, and if you do something else while you are inspired to write, you might not get that inspiration back during the time you scheduled to write.

My main flaw is that I’ll try to do writing for four days in a row and get very burned out. I crank out a lot of articles, some of which are interesting, but it is too much. Writing might be better done a little bit every day instead of in a huge clump.

My guru is also upset with my meditation habits as I will go on vacation for a week and meditate for four hours a day, and ignore my meditation for the most part while I’m at home.

Sticking to busy daily habits where I’ll do a little bit of ten tasks every day is too confusing to me. I feel I can’t concentrate on anything if I do too much, but maybe it’s a good way to stay in a writing mood every day…

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