If you were a customer, would you enjoy calling your company?

Many companies make the mistake of not putting themselves in the place of the customer. I make the same mistake. Is your company a pleasure to do business with? Is your company a fun place to call?

Most companies who do outsourcing are a nightmare to call. You get bad reps answering the phone, or perhaps nobody answers the phone. The customer has to put in a lot of sweat equity just to talk to someone with a brain who doesn’t try to transfer them.

ME: What city are you located in?

REP: Oh, I will have to transfer you to have that question answered.

ME: You don’t even (cut) They cut me off and transferred me, and now I’m disconnected. I’ll never call that company again.

Yet, my experience above is the norm with Indian companies which is why Indian companies have a horrible reputation and are getting fired left and right so that Romanian, African, Central American and in particular Filipino companies can get their work. If you treat your customers like garbage, YOUR COMPANY will be the one thrown in the trash. The problem in India is that almost every company treats customers like garbage and hence, the whole country of India is being thrown in the trash by Americans who don’t like being treated poorly by customer service.

Why don’t you pretend to be a customer and call your own company. Try to get a job done. See how pleasant and easy it is! You might just learn something!

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