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Feng Shui / Vaastu: A busy market

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Feng Shui – a busy market

For those of you who believe in Vaastu Shastra or its Chinese equivalent, Feng Shui, I have good news. Feng Shui experts always tell you that where you live effects your destiny. This is very true information. I am a world traveler, and every different place I stay influences the performance of my business and effects how I feel too. In some places I feel like working twelve hours a day. In other places I feel more friendly, and in some places I feel like doing nothing. Where you live determines your life even more than your personality, believe it or not! If you are a hard worker, but you live in a place where laziness abounds, your hard work will be seriously effected by this lazy vibration.

Some places I visited even contribute to mental instability. There were two places I visited in Northern Arizona, where my generally even-minded brain was effected. In one place, I became agitated, sleepless, nervous, afraid, and had nightmares. I had nightmares in another place in Northern Arizona too. A third place in Northern Arizona left me having very watery thoughts during meditation. How odd, this never happens anywhere else. It was very disturbing. Los Angeles leaves me balanced for the most part, with an urge to work all the time, and enjoy myself too (after work is done, of course).

But, what can we do to enhance our business if we are stuck in a house that we bought? Most of us buy our houses without purchasing the wisdom of a feng-shui consultant or vaastu expert. We go for help after its too late asking, “What can we do?”. The answer is generally, “MOVE!”. We can not move easily, but good news is here. I studied feng-shui at a reputed local school in California on the weekends for two years. They taught some very good theory. But, what they didn’t teach was first hand experience. Nobody knew how much a given environment would effect you, they only knew that it “might” effect you in one particular way. My task was to go out into the world and really see how environments effected me and my work.

I learned that some places were so powerful, that if I stayed there for an hour or two in a day, my business would be effected for twenty-four hours. Some places were better for the outsourcing site, while some were good for the acupuncture or notary sites that I run.
The places that had the best effect on my business were banks, supermarkets, and bustling restaurants. These are places where money keeps circulating fast, like a waterfall. Waterfalls are renouned in feng-shui as having the best effect on money making. The nearest amazing waterfall to where I am is in Yosemite and only is full with water in the Spring. That is seven hours away!

But, not all supermarkets are bustling. Many markets are losing money, or have few clients. The trick is to find businesses where there is an endless flow of traffic and where the business makes money. But, how do you track this? Are you a business owner? See if your business does well for 24 hours after you are in what I call a feng shui hot spot.

How do I find my lucky spot? Spend an hour and forty-five minutes in a hot spot. Thats all you need. A slow meal, or just hanging around. Then see how your business does the next day. This should be done on more than one day. Some days are slow days, and other days your personal astrology might be bad. Try each spot for two or three days, and not on days when your business is typically slow like on the weekend for example.

Feng shui is fun, and can help your outsourcing business. Just find the right spot and dont’ be afraid to experinment and believe in the metaphysical and mystical forces that control your life even more than your will power!