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Find audio transcriptionists on 123outsource.net

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Find an audio transcriptionist on 123outsource.net

123outsource.net is an outsourcing directory that places a heavy emphasis on data entry, data processing, data transcription and many related specialties including audio transcriptioning.  We have hundreds of service providers throughout the world doing various types of data entry and BPO tasks, especially in the U.S., and in India.
What is Audio Transcriptioning?
Audio transcriptioning is a type of data entry, where the data entry clerk listens to a tape recording, or some type of audio file, and types information into a computer file based on what they heard.  In general, data entry consists of entering data into a database that was previously on paper, an audio file, or on another online database. 
Medical Transcriptioning
Medical transcriptioning involves a lot of audio transcription work.  In addition to having good audio transcription skills, clerks need to be intimately familiar with medical terms, physiology, anatomy, diagnostic procedures, pharmacology, and treatment assessments. 
The Philiipines
Audio transcriptionists are located in large numbers throughout the planet, but the Philippines has a monopoly on the outsourcing end of this business.  If you are outsourcing this type of work, please think about visiting our search results in the Philippines for best results.
Video Transcriptioning
Video transcriptioning is yet another term for a particular type of audio transcriptioning.  Videos sometimes need subtitles or text printouts, and a good transcriptionist can provide this service for you.
Business Transcriptions
There are many types of transcriptions used in the greater sphere of business transcriptions. Common types include conference transcription, interview transcription, seminar transcription, and verbatim transcription.   Some types of transcription omit unintentional sounds such as “um”, and “ah”, while others leave it in.
If you run a company that does data entry or audio transcriptions, please contact 123outsource.net and ask us if we can offer you a free listing on our directory. Or, just visit our sign up page!