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What’s the relationship between workers and their boss?

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Every work relationship is different. But, certain ways of managing relationships work better than others.

I noticed that people in business go out to dinner with each other frequently. This actually improves their business relationship and productivity. It is a proven fact that people who are chummy with each other will treat each other much better in a business relationship.

Office Distance
However, employees tend to be more distant, especially the ones I have dealt with. They rarely want to go out to dinner, especially not with you. They want your money, not your dinner! They don’t want to be your friend. So, how do you handle them?

If you are too distant, they will not do good work for you. They will know you are not watching, and know their work doesn’t matter. If you are overbearing the employees will resent you. If you show favoritism for one person the others will get jealous. So, what do you do?

Office Friendships
If you are friends with your employees, that can turn against you as they will be more able to manipulate you. You will be tempted to talk about private personal things with them that you probably shouldn’t as that can get turned on you as well. The worst situation you can create at work is a romance between people of different levels. Those relationships are usually a powerful older man with a younger beautiful woman. Don’t do this! It can lead to a lot of complications and trouble.

Being in a position to fire someone
You need to always be in a position to fire someone on the spot. People tend to not do very good work these days. If you lack replacements for someone, you are stuck with them long after their work has gone down hill. If you are emotionally attached to someone, if their work goes down hill, you won’t want to fire them which is another handicap. The boss always needs to keep the upper hand, so don’t put any bindings on your hand that will inhibit your power!

As a boss, you need to be there to answer questions, mentor, and encourage. You need to set limits, and be an authority too. Being a nice authority who is caring, but firm seems to me to be the ideal characteristic of a boss if you want to be liked and also get things done. Too nice and the work will suffer, and too mean and you drive people away emotionally. Instead of spending time socializing, spend time mentoring, and teaching people new skills that will give them a future. Many people want a work future, and if they think you can give it to them, they will be more loyal to you which in turn gives you more power! You gain power from helping others and keeping efficiency, not by being people’s friends or being too mean!

The way you keep your relationships with those you do business with is different. If you are on the same level as a supplier, or contractor, you can be friends. In real life, that can work. Just remember that your assessment of their work is business, and friendship is friendship. Don’t let the friendship interfere with your standards for their work. But, you shouldn’t be friends with those in a lower position in your company or in other people’s companies as that tends not to work well. They resent the fact that you are above them, and workers by nature tend to be unfriendly towards management. It is a sad rule of life. But, remember, that life is like a National Geographic documentary. There are rules to the jungle, and you need to obey those rules. By the way, I have to go because a lion is chasing me. I need to remember not to run as that would identify me as prey. Hmmm. I’ll let her sniff my finger instead of running. Bye!

People who make the most serious clients want to chat, do you chat?

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Are you too busy to chat? Big mistake. How many serious clients are you losing because you are so unfriendly. Higher level business is more about talking than doing. The lower level people do the doing, and you do the interacting. Got it? People who contact you who have more to say, and more to ask, and contact you the most often are also the ones who will spend the most money in the long run even if they are not the richest. This is valuable analytical knowledge that I am sharing with you. I have not seen other blogs with such practical information.

Additionally, others will do more for you if you “chat them up!” If you like someone, take them out to dinner. The closer you get, the tighter your business relationship gets. In business, you will have better luck with people you enjoy being with. They will do better work for you, and you will have a better experience. People who enjoy you want to chat! Do you chat?

If the answer is, sorry, I’m too busy! Then, you are too busy for new clients. If you want new clients, you might not get any. Be open, so that you can interact with critical people as they arise!

(1) People who contact you more often and have more to say are more likely to be the best clients in the long run! Pay Attention!
(2) Are you too busy to chat? How many serious clients did you lose because you were unfriendly?