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Does it make you paranoid if your calls are being monitored?

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Some BPO call center workers feel paranoid when their calls are being monitored. It is a fact of life in the call center industry that your higher ups will listen in on a regular basis. Some do this in order to find fault with you while others use it to coach you into being a better worker. It is a proven fact that a call center agent will act differently if they think they are being listened to.

It is also a proven fact that bad call centers typically have no system for monitoring calls. Good call centers monitor lots of calls and give feedback right away. If you are doing something wrong, it is better to find out fast so you can correct the behavior right away! Additionally, your performance can be easily measured on a regular basis if management is listening in.

It is normal to be paranoid, but don’t. Being listened to is important for the quality of your work. Someone is always listening to you in any case when you are on the phone. And even if you are alone, God is listening to you, or at least might be if he is not having his lunch break in heaven!