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I love giving outsourcers a cash tip

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I am not the most generous guy in the world.
I have never been known as a big tipper. But, sometimes I will hire someone who is just such a pleasure to work with that I want to give them a cash tip. There have been social media managers, programmers, web designers, and other BPO service providers who were just so good, and also reasonably priced, that I wanted to give them a little more than what they asked for. It makes me feel happy when someone is good enough to tip. Unfortunately, less than 10% of the people I have hired are tip-worthy! But, let’s be positive and look on the bright side!

Give more get less?
Many business people just want to ask for more and deliver less. In theory this leads to higher levels of profits. But, what if you do the opposite and deliver more while maintaining a more modest profit margin? If that is the case, you might get tips of a few hundred extra dollars if I hired you. Sure the tip doesn’t amount to that much, but everybody is happy when a cash tip is exchanged.

What is more predictable that you will gain if you deliver more without asking for more is quite simple — more clients, more client loyalty, more referrals, and business growth. It is hard to grow a business these days. My business took 12 years to grow from being just me to having two assistants, a social media manager and a part time programmer. That is 3 full time and 2 part time people. I never tried to grow overnight. I am in a niche market where growth potential is not easy. I should be happy just to maintain my lead in the industry with no growth at all. But, if you offer great service at a reasonable price, your business will grow in the long run. Sure, there are market fluctuations, problems with employees and other temporary issues. How fast you grow is not guaranteed. You can not control a lot of these factors. The point here is to do your part in the equation which is to do great work and let nature take its course.

Lord Krishna advises that we should take correct action without an attachment to the results!

Although you might not get an actual cash tip if you do great work, you will get appreciation and growth which is just as good.

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