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Vaastu & Feng Shui for your Business

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Feng Shui (Vaastu) and Your Business

Feng Shui is the Chinese equivalent of Vaastu Shastra. But, what do these terms really mean, and how does it effect your business and your life? I have no studied Vaastu and am not qualified to talk about it, but the part of your house where particular rooms are located is critical and which direction certain rooms or doors face is an important factor too.

Misconceptions of Feng Shui are common. People think its about interior design or where you place your furnishings, and that is a small part of this gargantuan study. Just for the record, there are more than five prominent schools of Feng Shui and they all overlap with each other in some ways, disagree with each other in some ways, and emphasize completely different aspects of feng shui too. So, which school is right?

Classical Style
Classical Chinese Feng Shui is what I studied for a few years during the weekends. We learned how the year a building was built combined with its exact “sitting” direction was the most important factor to consider. There are 24 directions total, and NW has three subcomponents in our style of feng-shui. From the sitting direction and construction year, a chart can be made of the house. The chart can emphasize which PART of the house has good energies, and which part of the house should be avoided. The consensus is that where you spend most your time is the part of your house that is most critical. So, for me I sleep too much, so my bed’s position really matters. For certain females I know who spend six hours a day in the bathroom, that would be their critical room.

There are all types of superstitious remedies in Feng Shui that don’t get results in real life. Those who have read many feng shui books are often unaware that feng shui can be TESTED, and if you are using a remedy, you can take notes to see if there are any changes in your life which constitutes a form of evidence even though its not conclusive. Classical style remedies use the five elements, and sometimes you need a big round chunk of metal in your room, sometimes water, wood, fire (use a small red bulb), or earth. The main thing to consider is that if you are in an unlucky building or an unlucky room, the remedy is like a bandaid on a bullet wound. Finding the perfect building is key.

Karma and Feng Shui
If something dramatic happened in a building in its history, its karma rubs off on the current residents. The man who lived in my room had lung cancer, and I have developed lung issues (not cancer) while living here. A building that had a murder
or suicide will carry a bad vibration. An area where yogi’s did their spiritual work can carry a spiritual vibe for thousands of years after the fact according to many spiritualists. So, if your building has the right chart, but the wrong karma, you are in trouble. Smart Chinese people go for a building where someone went from middle class to riches.

My Personal Study
I did many readings for people and found that classical feng shui charts reflected the reality of the residents of these buildings in a vague way. If their chart was good overall, most did well, or better than they did in their previous residences. If the chart was bad, then the residents generally had problems. I found that the room was more critical than the house in my readings, but our feng shui Master says its the house. My new interest is in neighborhoods and not houses. I want to take analytics on areas and how those areas effect my business.

Feng Shui Neighborhoods
I have taken over 50 feng shui readings during my travel on hotels and neighborhoods. I sometimes stay at different hotels in a similar neighborhood and see how my business analytics do while I’m there. The results were beyond amazing. Certain areas tripled my new sales, while other areas killed my new sales. Some areas were good for social networks, others for my acupuncture directory, others for my outsourcing directory, etc. Each neighborhood has its own blend of energies which support certain types of businesses and activities. Some places were good for working, while others were good for socializing, or sleeping. Some areas I could concentrate well, while other areas made me feel healthy or happy. The endless variety of characteristics in places is fascinating.

What did I Learn?
I used to think that a lucky room is more important than a lucky house. Now, I think that a lucky neighborhood is more important than a lucky house or room. My business analytics were very similar in different hotels that were within a few blocks of each
other. I found that there are certain energies that pertain to certain areas that are several blocks in diameter, while there are other larger expanses of energies that can go for miles and carry certain types of tendencies. Certain general areas were good for expanding existing business, while particular neighborhoods within those areas were better than others.

Although my actual business is online, and no actual sales made pertained to where I was, the effects of my physical body being in particular areas was staggering:

Downtown Los Angeles, CA was good for renewing existing business, but terrible for gaining new business.
Koreatown in Los Angeles, CA was wonderful for attaining new business as well as renewing and expanding existing business
Santa Monica, CA was great for getting new acupuncture listings on my directory and social media
Ukiah, CA was amazing for attracting new business, getting work done, and staying healthy.
Santa Cruz, CA was great for keeping healthy, but had a stifling effect on how my business functioned.
Napa, CA was positive for contacting those involved with our outsourcing directory. We were able to do
more calls, and have better calls on an hour per hour basis.


Feng Shui Hot Spots
Staying in these areas, helped my business and life in particular ways, but what I learned was that there are hot spots that were even more helpful. If I stayed in a hot spot which is an auspicious area, for 90-180 minutes, I would experience an increase
in certain types of sales over the next 24 hours. Of course results would vary day by day, but if you average the results, the findings were amazing. I calculated, that spending an hour in Koreatown was worth $150 in new sales. However, if I spent more than two and a half or three hours, the benefit would be reduced down to nothing. Its sort of like having a battery that can be charged every day, and once it reaches its capacity, it can no longer absorb anything else.

How Does Feng Shui Work?
Feng shui is occult. It works on supernatural metaphysical principles. It can not be explained in Newtonian physics and it doesn’t make sense to a “logical” person, unless that logical person analyzes stats and has an open mind. If your physical body is in a particular place, you absorb certain energies or karma from that place, and that effects your whole organization. If you have 20 people who work for you, and the boss (you) is in an auspicious location, that good luck will effect the whole organization. The luckiness of where the workers are ALSO matters, but not as much as the HEAD of the organization. Many businesses choose to have offices downtown even though rents are much higher than in other places. Those businesses stay there enough for the buildings to have a high occupancy rate. Why is this? Workers get more done downtown because of the energies there. Downtown Los Angeles has a strong productivity energy. When I’m there, I work around the clock and only stop to eat my power-lunch and power-dinner.

How Fast Does Feng Shui Work?
The well meaning folks at the feng shui school always claim that they don’t know how fast a lucky location will help you have good luck in your life. I have answers for this since I track it. Wherever you are effects what happens over the next 20-30 hours
or so. There are residual effects that last longer than that too, and effects of the good luck that could help you years after the fact. I had my friend move to his lucky back room which had a good chart. He was out of work, not getting offers, and he got a job offer THE NEXT DAY. I’m not joking. If I stay at a hotel that has good feng shui on a particular night, the energy will help me the next day ONLY. Sure, residual effects happen, but for my tracking purposes, I see that 90%+ of the effect (rough estimate) of the feng shui manifest itsself the following day.

How Does This Help You?
Whether you live in India, New York, or Kathmando, you need good feng shui. If you have an office filled with call center workers, you could go out of business and lose everything you have no matter how good a businessman you are — do to feng shui. You need to be in a lucky building in a lucky area and you will get better results in a lot that you do.