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Data Entry India – News

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Data Entry India – News Issues
As reported by India Knowledge at Wharton, Genpact has moved from merely doing data entry in India, to doing actuary services. This is a significant step up the value chain stairway.
Manual data entry
India primarily relies on manual data entry for port related operations such as berthing, logistics, cargo handling and management.  The Indian government wishes to double their cargo handling capacity by 2012, but only with the help of IT solutions will this be possible.  Computerized and IT solutions would allow a port to know exactly what is going to arrive long before the fact, instead of at the last minute. This allows ports to plan ahead and allocate their resources efficiently.  They will know how many employees and how much equipment each boat will need, and when through container tracking. Additionally, this IT tracking will deter the incidence of tax evasion and revenue pilferage.
Rural outsourcing hurts Indian Data Entry industry
U.S. companies that had been outsourcing to India are now finding ways to get low cost home grown labor through rural outsourcing.  India is also moving lots of jobs to its rural areas.  Rural outsourcing in India could help the whole country lower costs in general and develop a larger capable outsourcing workforce.  One huge advantage that America has is that land and labor is extremely cheap in parts of the Midwest which can allow American companies to be competitive in a global marketplace by creating new companies in that area.
Who are you really doing business with?
Articlesbase.com brings up an interesting point when they say that a company doing data entry in India needs to have the latest technology and updated infrastructure.  If you hire an Indian data entry outsourcing company, you have no idea who they are unless you visit them.  Are they using archaic computers with internet connections that disconnect every five minutes?  Do they have a list of large foreign companies with whom they do business?  Are you hiring a sophisticated company or are you hiring what could be called a “closet operation” otherwise known as a “sidewalk” data entry firm.  Speed and accuracy, training and management style are other factors to consider.  The bottom line is to think hard about who you hire, and hire a really qualified company!

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