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Is it better to outsource to one blogger or build a team?

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It might be better to outsource to several part time writers instead of one full time writer. If one drops out, you will still have other writers who are trained and know what they are doing. It is always risky to put your full dependence in a new and untested writer, especially if you might have to go through several until you get someone tried and true who you can use in the long run. It might take you two months, when you are too busy to play games testing out new writers — to find your new writer. Then it might take another two months to get them experienced enough to the point where they can function on their own.

Having only one writer puts you in exactly that position where you will be left high and dry every time someone quits. Having a small team makes more sense. That way you always have a few tested people while you are in the process of testing new people. The momentum of your blog is never compromised in that case. By having a small army or gang, you can test the new writers more slowly, and at your leisure. That way if you get slammed with a huge amount of work and don’t have time to test people for a few months, you will not lose momentum on your blog.

Professional comedy writing teams operate under this principle. Sit-coms generally will have a dozen writers. Some of them quit, get sick, or are busy, and they need a quantity of writers who are experienced on that project to continue the momentum and collaboration. Think about it. We live in the real world Be prepared.

Unfortunately, in real life, if you don’t have a dedicated person who you can depend on for everything, you need multiple backup and redundant resources for each task which is necessary. If you need a writer, an outbound caller, and inbound phone agent, and a database manager, you might need multiple individuals for each task. If you are lucky, there might be some crossover for some of the tasks. Your inbound phone person might like doing a little writing, and your writer might not mind doing a few interviews.