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You are on vacation and your world falls apart

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I always fear going away on vacation. I will be away from my desk, my checkbook, my familiar setting. What if something goes wrong? The worst problems I have had in business had to do with connecting a person working an American schedule with someone in India. I am flexible and can be available at any hour of the day or night, but others are rigid and work in offices. It took a week of me pestering everyone in site to get John and Ramesh on the phone together to solve a very simple technical problem. Why is life like pulling teeth.

But, recently, I was not in India. I was in Arizona, only a few hours from my home. I went away to get some desert energy in me. I feel very boosted up after a quick trip to the desert for a few days. The spirits do healing on me. The cactuses are soothing to me (even though they have needles.) The break from work for a few days also does miracles.

But, my site went down while in Arizona. My site goes down every several weeks. But, getting it back up requires me to bug the hell out of whomever can get it back up to talk to the server company for me. Connie called me and let me know what had happened. Then, I called John, and left him messages. I couldn’t reach John, my regular contact. So, I called my new programmer. He was also not there. I was really sweating at this point. We get 5000 visitors per day on my site and going down for more than an hour will get us complaints and ruin our stats. So, the programmer called me back an hour later and we were back in action.

The point is that I had to learn how to be the “At home me” and solve problems while I was in my car in the desert on an Indian reservation. I’m not used to solving serious problems while driving around. But, I managed, and I lived to tell about it. Yes, I get overly paranoid about things that might not phase others. But, maybe that is why God entrusted me with a few critical operations and not someone else! He knows I care.

But, I’m reading about people who go on vacation for a month with no phone? In my business we might be out of business if that happened. Others don’t seem to be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together without my intervention. Yes, it makes me feel needed, but seriously — can’t other people do anything without my constant nagging?

(1) I read about a guy who went on vacation w/o a phone? I would be out of biz in days like that!
(2) what if you go on vacation & something breaks or someone quits while you are gone?

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