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Is Offshore Outsourcing Right For You?

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We have all heard horror stories about outsourcing
All of us have heard the stories about people in America who had a nightmare of an experience outsourcing to India, Pakistan, or China. The work didn’t get done on time, or the company went out of business. There have been many horror stories with offshoring. However, there are also many disadvantages to outsourcing your work to companies in the United States or in-housing your work as well. American companies often lie and cheat, overcharge, and are often far behind schedule with deadlines.

Why outsource overseas?
It is really about finding the right company for you — overall. If you find someone in America who gets the job done correctly for a fair price, and treats you well, then great. India and the Philippines have hundreds of outsourcing companies that are hungry for work. They can get work done in fewer weeks than their local counterparts, and for a much lower price as well.

An infinite labor pool
Part of the reason offshore companies can get so much work done so fast is that the labor pool in those countries has more “availability” than here. In America, in programming, there is no available labor unless you want very inexperienced people. In India, programmers grow on trees and the pool of programmers is growing daily.

The downside of outsourcing to India
Companies in India tend to be very unpolished with communication. Even if the boss communicates well, his workers are not likely to be verbally adept. Sloppy work is another problem you have to look out for. But, you can get similar problems right here in the United States — you can get people who don’t check their work and REFUSE to communicate. Sure, refusal to communicate is different from people who garble their communication attempts, but the bottom line is the same.

So, how do you proceed?
Regardless what country you hire your outsourced company in, screen them. Don’t just hire a company because you like them. Email them a few questions from time to time to see how they respond and if they respond. Talk to various staff members on the phone at various times. Spread your screening out. Give a 3-hour test project to see how fast and how well they get work done. Many won’t even start. If they get through the first test project, give them a small “real” project, perhaps 7-15 hours. If they get through the 2nd project too, then you can continue giving them larger and larger assignments until you decide it is safe to have them work for you regularly.

Start calling companies today
Use 123outsource.net and find outsourcing companies in any category from call center, to software to data entry. Have fun!

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