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Why would you hire you?

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Would you hire you? Why?

We have many companies begging us for jobs. But, we don’t dispatch jobs. At least we are not doing that yet. We might in the future since everyone in India is desperate for assignments. But, the people asking for jobs are not very refined sounding. They don’t even know how to properly ask for a job. They sound like they have no experience in business and no skills either.

If I sat these desperate guys down at a table and asked them, “Would you hire you?”, what do you think they would say? If they were honest, they would say “no”. The companies who are worth hiring typically do not advertise much, and are very picky about which clients they accept. So, if you are available, you are not good, and if you are good, you are not available. This is a very real paradox in outsourcing.

I am not trying to berate newer and less professional outsourcing outfits by any means. I just want them to take a look at themselves and assess their strong points and weak points.

Do you get work done correctly? Consistently?
Do you get work done on-time?
Do you correspond well with clients, and as often as they might like?
Do you read, write, and speak good English?
Is your staff reliable?
Can you handle higher level work?
Are you meticulous enough?

Nobody is perfect, but my goal is to get people to look at themselves and try to figure out what their best points are, and which points need attention. Remember, you must pay more attention to your weak points than your strong points, otherwise you will be an unbalanced mess — and unbalanced messes don’t do well in the cut throat world of business!

(1) If you worked in HR, would you hire someone like you? If not: what can you fix in yourself?

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