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Untraditional solutions to unemployment

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A radical solution – hour control
In America, there is a 40 hour work week.  It is ironic, that those who are not paid by the hour are forced to work over 50 hours a week in many professions.  The 40 hour work week was created to protect workers from the oppression of having to overwork. But, since only some industries follow the time parameters, it only protects hourly wage slaves some of the time.  Here is a radical idea.  What if certain industries have fewer jobs, and many are out of work.  Rather than let some of the people be unemployed and have nothing, crippling their family’s finances, and depressing them emotionally, here is another better solution.
Let’s say that there are 1000 jobs making widgets.  Let’s say that suddenly, 10% of those jobs disappeared.  If the government took the liberty to have different work week standards for different industries and job-types, they could reduce the work week for widget makers to 36 hours which is a decrease of 10%.  That way everyone would have a job.  Another solution would be to have a government agency ask which workers would be interested in being retrained, since the widget industry was drying up. That way people could voluntarily change industries instead of ending up on the sidewalk on their rear end!
There are many different industries, and creating different length work weeks, and adjusting the length of the work week every quarter would be a cumbersome task.  But, would it be worth it?  
Hour reduction?
When workers make too many mistakes, they might lose their bonus, or even get fired.  But, this creates a sociological problem of unemployment.  Why not just reduce their hours for six months instead of firing them. In a flexible system of hour control, that would be a viable option.  The worker would still be able to pay their rent and basic expenses.  The worker would be in financial stress, but would not suffer the disaster of unemployment.
Government work programs
During the American Depression, the government created jobs for people to build trails in the mountains, build bridges, and do many other types of work.  I say that governments worldwide should create jobs for unemployed people.  Maybe these jobs might not be glamorous, but we always need more jobs done in society. Cleaning up the streets, fixing up older homes, building solar power infrastructure, and the list goes on. These jobs always need to be done. It doesn’t make sense for someone to be at home twiddling their thumbs when there are jobs that desperately need to be done.
There are many ways to reduce unemployment, but maybe it’s time to investigate some innovative plans.

Traditional remedies to unemployment

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Unemployment is a problem throughout the world.  It is psychologically devestating as well as financially ruinous.  I remember when I had just arrived in California from Massachusetts.  It was a six day trip in my pick up truck.  I had come to get a job in international trade.  But, that never happened.  There were no such jobs in Massachusetts, so I saw that Seattle and Los Angeles had many jobs fitting this description, plus Los Angeles had a large Chinese community, and my back up plan was to teach English in the Chinese community. 
After months of searching and getting rejected for various types of commodities trading and international type jobs, I was running out of money. Living on ramen noodles is no joke, month after month!  Two months of unemployment almost crippled me financially. I finally gave in and started work doing landscaping for a while, and then did tutoring in the Chinese community which made me a meager living.  Not knowing where my next meal was going to come from effected me mentally for years.  I have never enjoyed the emotional security that others have, since I feel they have more to fall back on.  I have only a hard sidewalk to fall back on which explains my seven day work weeks, week after week.  I want security in my businesses — and I’m determined to work for it!
Solutions to unemployment
Training is a great solution.  Not everyone can afford training or knows what to engage themselves in.  It would be wonderful if governments could provide services to determine what type of job a person is best suited for.  The tests given might not be completely accurate, but it would be a wonderful start. 
Market analysis could reveal which markets need more workers, and there are many doing this type of market analysis and trend analysis.  The trick is to combine the knowledge of which industries need more workers with training programs and mentoring programs.  To a certain extent, this type of system is already in place, but not all unemployed individuals are guided into the right industries — only some of them.