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The software boss whose agent ruined his client relations

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I was talking to a guy who had 120 employees. Obviously he was doing well, but it was not without some unpleasant knocks. He had hired an agent to get him clients. The problem was that the agent didn’t get payment to him in a timely way, and he was not able to keep the clients as a result. I told the software outsourcing boss that the problem was simple. He gave control of his income to a stranger who played games with his revenue. In business, whether you are large or small, you have to be in control at all times, otherwise you will suffer huge losses. I told him that he needs to have his own in-house marketing department. It might be hard to learn how to find the right people, but at least once you figure it out, you will be in control, and not some outside company that will ruin your client relations.

The world of outsourcing is a strange one, especially in India. So, don’t try to grow too fast, and focus on being solid in all aspects of your outsource business. Good luck!