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Interesting Startups from around the globe

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Startups are a huge topic of conversation with young people today and on Social Media. I also find startups interesting as I have created many businesses in my short life, and a few of them have been very successful as well. Chinese investors are going all over the globe including places like Israel, Boulder, CO, and others to capitalize on venture capitalism involving startups.

After you see the various names of new companies, you might ask yourself: does it help to have a goofy sounding name if you are a startup? I think we all know what the answer is!

OurCrowd from Israel helps regular affluent people invest in startups with the same verms that top venture capitalists get. By utlizing crowdsourcing, they are helping smaller investors capitalize on early stage wealth creation.

This Indian startup sells mobile first coupons and has a cash-back app. It was chosen for the 500 startups accelerator programme which is one of the best accelerators in the world

Rubicon Global
Leonardo Dicaprio just invested in this trash startup. They use software to manage a network of independent waste haulers that bid on picking up trash from convenience stores and other types of businesses as well. I guess there’s truth the the saying, “There’s money in muck.”

This company helps mobile developers find clients and find advertising for their apps. This Israeli company already has half a billion users per months.

This Israeli company has a palm sized printer that walks across a piece of paper printing text on it.

Elio Motors
Elio Motoers is a top 2015 automotive startup. They make three wheeled vehicles and will be on display at the next Los Angeles Auto Show in November.

Yotpo helps eCommerce sites fill their review sections with genuine reviews. They send an email to customers right after they bought a product and have technology to make it a snap for them to write reviews from their smartphones.

This deal hunting startup ranks particular models of running shoes by price. A shopper can quickly find out where they can get the best price at the moment.

This European used clothing startup specilializes in “nearly new” clothing as well as coordinating pick up and delivery. They are a great alternative if you are fed up with the other startup ThredUp.