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The Vaastu & Feng Shui of too much water?

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The Vaastu reality of too much water and its effect on your business

Most people who do business do not like metaphysics, and related philosophies such as feng shui and vaastu (its Indian equivalent). They think it is crazy and unnecessary. But, they are wrong. Others think it is superstitious. But, can feng shui or vaastu be considered superstitious if you have analytics proving certain points? You have to be very stubborn to ignore hard evidence staring you in the face, right?

What is feng shui?

The 3000+ year old Chinese art of feng shui examines how your environment effects your health, business, and life in general.  The year a building was built, or the floor plan of a building effects those who live in it.  But, outside, water, trees, and other environmental factors effect you too.


I study waterfalls and their effect on business. At feng shui school we learned that water to the North is good for finances, but that moving water exponentially improved the effects of the water.  We also learned that too much water can DROWN you.  Water on your roof is a disaster, so painting tiles on your roof blue like Japanese people do is suicide! No wonder they had a tsunami that wiped them out after having all of those blue tiles on their roofs! But, I learned a lot more about waterfalls on my own. I have learned that standing the right direction and distance from a waterfall for about 30-45 minutes greatly enhances my internet sales on the following day!

What direction to stand

I learned that where you stand in relation to a waterfall is very important.   Schools say that the water must be to the North for best luck, but I learned that that is not exactly true.  Water to the North, East, Southeast, and West are all auspicious.  Water to the East and Southeast are a little better for developing new clientele perhaps because the water nourishes the wood element represented by the East and Southeast.  Wood or no wood, the analytics I took don’t lie about attracting new clients to my e-business.

How close to stand

The other factor that you can not ignore is how close to stand to a waterfall.  In addition to being the exact right direction (bring your digital compass), you need to be the right distance. I normally will visit waterfalls at Yosemite which are at least 400 feet tall, and up to 2000 feet tall, although those tall falls, sometimes are divided into sections.  I learned that standing 200 to 700 feet away from the waterfall in the correct direction is perfect.  You must have an unobstructed view of the waterfall otherwise you will not get any water energy.

What went wrong

I am experimenting here, so I can not say that I went wrong, but rather that I learned something new. One time I stood too far from a waterfall, and got no improvement on my e-business the next day. When I stand the “correct” distance from a waterfall I always get a 20-80% improvement in my sales the following day (not the same day — this is how the energies work).  A few days ago, I wanted to see what would happen if I was really close to the waterfall.  So, I went “scrambling” on the wet rocks.  This is actually very dangerous and many have lost their lives this way.  I went to about 70 feet from the base of the waterfall so that there was mist everywhere.   I got a little bit wet which was okay.

The results of my waterfall trip

Sales were dead for the next 24 hours.  I think that I got too close to the waterfall and the water energies were too intense. I got the worst analytics for my business that I have ever gotten while doing waterfall feng shui.  I would say that the water “qi” was so intense that it drowned me.  On a brighter note, my acupuncturist remarked at how my kidney “qi” (energy) was the best she had seen it in a long time.  Water energy is the energy in the kidney and kidney energy channels in the human body according to Chinese five element theory.  Being near clean moving water is good for your kidneys (try explaining this to your doctor and you will get a blank look).  So, being “too” close to a waterfall is bad for business, but good for kidneys, and lots of fun.

What is next?

Feng shui is not only good for business, but is fun to learn about, especially when you learn in the real world rather than learning from books.  I would love to visit Hawaii and see how it feels to be near waterfalls there!  The environment is very different there, and very calming. I bet it will be really fun.

How does this effect you?

If you are a business owner, you need to be in tune to how our environment(s) where you spend time effect you and how they effect your business.  Being in a slum for two hours for a business meeting could ruin you sales the next day. You need to be very aware of this to succeed in business! Good luck, and go find a waterfall near you!

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