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Uber’s security record undermined from a Michigan driver!

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Uber used to pay their drivers well. Then around a year or two ago, they suddenly slashed their prices and also what they gave the drivers. To me it was not fair, and didn’t seem like a reasonable business practice either. Businesses need to live in balance with the universe. Too cheap or too expensive can cause trouble. Too expensive and you lose your clients. Too cheap, and you encourage screw ups that could lead to lawsuits

A Michigan based Uber driver passed the background screening, and then after 100 Uber trips (or rides) he gunned down eight people. Uber was sued for $28,000,000. It seems like a much better policy to have drivers you can trust and pay them a fair market value rather than getting the cheapest drivers, having them quit, getting new drivers, and not knowing who they are.

Meanwhile in the StartupVerse, many ride sharing companies are sprouting up in urban areas. Although none are quite as large or famous (infamous perhaps) as Uber, they are catering to real needs in a safe way.

HopSkipDrive — caters to people who need rides.
Shuddle — in San Francisco caters to kids and seniors chauffeuring them around.
Kango — caters to babysitters and they help schedule babysitters

I am personally excited because I have been wishing that private industry or the goverment would wise up and create ride-share programs that are easy and don’t require driving to some parking lot in the middle of nowhere. My dream seems to be coming true. I hope that in the long run, none of us need to drive anywhere and we can rely solely on ride sharing programs and experience zero traffic in places like Los Angeles. Ride sharing companies are beginning to develop set routs and get very techno-saavy. I hope this trend becomes hot and continue.

Meanwhile in India, I had a dream nine years ago that they would have a line of pink rickshaws for women clients who wanted the safety of a female driver. Well, they have it now, but it is pink polka-dotted cars, not rickshaws. Am I psychic? Did I predict this or wish for it?

In any case, the world is becoming a much better and more interesting place because of technology. I just hope that there will be an app that will help me find people who actually want to talk to me and have similar interests. With my recent good luck in a few months we will…