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More San Francisco Startups

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Here are even more San Francisco Startups. We published a list a few days ago, and here is the sequel.

Product Hunt
Product Hunt helps buyers to identify some of the hottest new products. This company started being a newsletter for products and evolved into a big company.

Gigster helps programmers get connected with companies. The unique factor is that Gigster will analyze the request and output a guaranteed price for a specific and well specified request. The computer program Gigster uses is self-learning, so it learns to be better at estimating jobs the more it does it.

HackerOne is a marketplace for bug fixing companies. They will find some hackers to identify and fix your site’s weaknesses and in exchange take 20% of the payments.

Why Shyp, just take a picture of what you want to send. A driver will come and pick up your package without all the hype. Shype comparison shops to find you the lowest charge for shipping and then adds on $5 to your cost. All I can say is that I hope the Shyp drivers carry bottled water and snacks like the Uber drivers do.

Eero uses blue tooth and mesh networking to optimize your web connection for flawless wifi.

Eaze helps you find medical marijuana and get it delivered to you without leaving your desk. Now you can get high without dealing with any shady medical marijuana dealers or getting arrested. Now, it’s as “Eaze” as 1, 2, wow, like look at that door… I just noticed that… It’s just — there…. It just IS there… I never saw that door that way before. Oh, what was I talking about? Oh, right. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Eaze turned the cannabis trade into a canna.biz!

Postmates lets you get anything you want delivered in less than an hour. They can go shopping for you, pick up food, foot cream, kung pao chicken (easy on the pao, please) or more whenever you want it.

Sano helps diabetes patients to no longer need to prick their fingers by using a patch.

Medium is a publishing medium where anyone from a publisher, political activist or house mom can publish whatever they want. However, Medium has some major new competition from a company called Large.

This company has a gluten tester that helps people find out what is in their foods. I hope they can tell you if the gluten is genetically engineered or not as well. Perhaps that will be the next generation of machines — and by then they’ll have genetic engineering for machines and for the humans that create them.

Shift wants to reinvent the wheel when it comes to selling used cars. This system will include photographing and price setting. Shift will also have someone bring the car to you to test drive. Sounds like a plan to me.

Operator helps you book flights, buy flowers, pick Christmas presents and more. Take the work out of shopping with Operator and operate like a pro!