Delhi LPO in the news

Delhi LPO in  the News
Delhi is the capital of the Indian LPO industry.  Legal Process Outsourcing is one of the fastest growing outsourcing specialties in India.  The growth rate is so phenonimal, that American attorneys with many levels of experience are applying for jobs in epic proportions to Delhi LPO companies. The majority of American attorneys applying for work in Delhi are less experienced ones who would be functioning as Junior Attorneys
LPO Watch
There is a new online magazine that converns itself with the LPO industry called LPO Watch. This new publication will have articles about the LPOs in Delhi and other parts of India.  This magazine is available from
High End LPO Services
Intellextra is unique in its offering of higher end Delhi LPO services while most other LPOs focus on work typically done by junior attorneys in U.S. law firms.  They specialize in legal drafting and research among other things.  But, now, they are also offering specialized KPO services such as accounting, finance, Legal Process Outsourcing training, HR, and web development.  
Global LPO conference
On November 13th and 14th, 2010 there was a global LPO conference held in Delhi, India. 150-200 key execusives from around the world came together to network and discuss ways to enhance the legal outsourcing industry and keep competitive on a global level.

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