The karmic consequences of war and rebirth

Not all of us are Hindus or Buddhists. Not all of us believe in rebirth. There have not been that many books written on the subject. People who have studied rebirth often have examples of real souls and how they migrated from body to body and under what circumstances. Unfortunately in the East, there is a lot of misinformation being spread about this fascinating topic. If you are bad in India, you will be reborn as a cow. But, in Thailand that is simply not the case. In Thailand you get born into a mad dog for 500 incarnations. Good god, being a cow once sounds a lot better! The shortage of good reading material on this critical subject is a shame. There are many qualified gurus out there who could write books on the subject, but only touch upon the matter.

Here is some rebirth theory in a nutshell.

If you develop intelligence in a particular life, you bring some of that with you. Research was actually done on rats where parts of their brains were removed. Yet, they still had their routes memorized. Scientists couldn’t figure out why. Apparently, part of their memory was lodged in an astral field around their body. Others feel that rats have a sort of collective consciousness — if one rat makes it through a maze in 30 minutes, the others will make it through faster since they can tap into a larger “rat consciousness”. Science and spirituality often agree on a lot once the scientists have taken the time to research particular issues.

A lot of intelligence is also carried in your soul from one life to the next. My medium speaks to the spirits of gurus, and they are very intelligent. They are disembodied now, but they carry their intelligence with them even though they have no physical brain.

If you have the consciousness of wealth, you are more likely to carry that with you into other lives. Additionally, if you were born into a wealthy family, but graduate from college penniless, you are more likely to regain that wealth simply because you might gravitate towards a lifestyle that creates wealth.

If you destroy something belonging to someone else, eventually something of yours will be destroyed as a karmic punishment. But, when? Will the punishment come right away, a year later, or 30 lifetimes later? The Rav at Kabbalah center once said that time is speeding up and karmic retrobution is faster than ever now. If you did a bad deed in 4000 B.C. it might have taken 3000 years for the karmic effects to come back. But, if you do a bad deed now, the effects might only take seconds to manifest!

If you give to charity such as organizations which help the poor, or spiritual organizations that are not for profit, you get a reward from the brighter world. I have found that this reward comes right away — within days and weeks. Some of the effect might be a little more slow. You get back far more than what you gave. This is a nice karmic reward. I like investing $1000 and getting $10,000 back within a month or so. What do you think?

The karmic effects of murder are never clear. There is no textbook answer, and no fixed way that it is decided. Perhaps the spirits known as the lords of karma decide your fate on an individual basis? It is supposedly common for one who murders another to be required to bring that person back to life. How is this possible? In a future life, the murderer would have to be the victim’s parent. It is also a common belief that in war, if you kill someone with hatred in your heart from another country — you might be reborn in their country and they might be reborn in yours.

Based on a past-life regression, I learned that in my past life I was a small child living in Vietnam. I was killed by a mad-man from America in a helecopter who was just killing everyone in sight. I was reborn in America. My revision showed that he was not reborn in Vietnam, but nearby in Laos into a very poor economic setting. No wonder I love “Summer rolls” so much at Vietnamese restaurants!

So, what is the effect of America’s involvement in Iraq? I feel that karmically we are inviting horrible things by being there. Many Americans are very happy to kill Iraqis. Since many extremists believe in suicide missions, what would happen if an American soldier killed such people?

Let’s look at the rash of school shootings in America. There have been many movie theater and school shootings. There was Virginia Tech, another in Colorado, and a few others I can’t remember the names of. Could it be that these were executed by souls who were extremists living in Iraq, but because they were murdered by American soldiers, that they were reborn into America according to reincarnation theory? We have been in Iraq since 1990. If you were an Iraqi killed in 1990, and were immediately reincarnated into an unsuspecting American woman’s womb, you would be 23 by now. How old was the Virginia Tech shooter? He was born in 1984, so he doesn’t fit the profile of a reincarnated Iraqi extremist. But, at this stage in America’s relationship to Iraq, there could be thousands of souls reincarnated into America who could be anywhere from 1 to 23 years old! It makes you think, is war really worth it?

There are some spiritualists who noticed that in the 1980’s, America’s corporate culture stressed “workaholicism.” Japanese souls killed in World War 2 would be in their 30’s and 40’s if they had been reincarnated into America. People in their 40’s lead corporate culture’s middle management as a rule. Could it be that people reincarnated from Japan in WW2 are responsible for America’s sudden affinity with over-working? Additionally, baseball suddenly became very popular in Japan at roughly the same time. Perhaps many “American Souls” became reincarnated into Japan and still loved baseball.

Given all of this reincarnation theory, I think that if we engage in war with a country, we should pick an enemy with attributes that we absolutely love. That way when their souls are reincarnated onto our beloved soil, we will be benefitted from that.

(1) There is a lot of misinformation about reincarnation. Read the realities here (in this life)
(2) If you give to charity, God will reward you in this life, within days in many cases!

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