Twitter’s algorithm for “people” under keyword search doesn’t add up!

Dormant accounts galore!

Suggestions for Twitter’s algorithm

Twitter’s algorithm for who shows up under “People” in a given keyword query has some serious drawbacks. Results include many dormant profiles that haven’t posted in months. I’m not sure what the other components of the algorithm are. It might include how many posts they made with the tag / keyword in question along with how many relevant followers they have. It is complicated indeed.

I think that what makes more sense is to see who has been the most active in the last month. For those who have been active, then another layer of how well they have been doing in the last six months, and how many relevant followers they have might compliment the algorithm.

I think they should hire Janet Jackson to put her 2 cents worth in when creating a new algorithm. Her suggestion might be — what have you done for me lately?

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