How to make employers apply to you?

This might sound easier said than done, but employers are tired of the same dumb people applying for jobs. What do employers look for and What are employers looking for? Crafier and more saavy employers do what the industry calls “digging” to find some unusual and more interesting job candidates. Employers are tired of brain-dead applicants faxing their CV or resume. They are tired of boring interviews. They want to hire someone who is exciting and alive.

There was a guy who wrote his own blog, and said that he was looking for a job. His blog was so interesting, and he wrote so much about himself and what he liked to do, that many employers did contact him. For most of us, this strategy wouldn’t work. But, for unique and creative people, it could work. Some employers want to hire someone with a Master’s degree to be a blogger while others prefer to hire someone who has written amazing blogs before? Who would you hire?

By putting your work on the web, prospective employers can check you out before they even talk to you. Great! People want to see what you actually can do, and what you would produce instead of a bunch of unverifiable claims boasting about how great you are. Put your work on the table!

There are also sites where you can post a profile about yourself and what job you are looking for. If you do a nice job with your profile, employers might give you more attention that you might expect. Remember that the OTHER profiles are probably boring and list a bunch of potentially fake qualifications. Make yours really unique and interesting in a good way, and then you might be the one who gets called. Remember, the key is to stand out and show what you have got!

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