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Interesting pages on is a growing and interesting BPO directory.  The main offering we have is good search results for outsourcing companies in many categories throughout the world, particularly in India.  But, we offer more.  We offer a wide variety of blog posts, a twitter profile, and many resource pages.  This entry will introduce some of our more interesting pages on our BPO directory.

Sign up page
This page enables any company anywhere in the world to sign up to be on our directory.  We scrutinize all applications to weed out those that are not companies. We get many individuals seeking employment, but we regret to inform them that we are not  in a position to hire them (even if they could spell correctly which is never the case).  We generally won’t post anyone’s information unless they have a legitimate web site too.  A company without a web site is a losing proposition in my web-centric mind.

About us page
This page tells about how we started out, what programmers we use, and how I visited India many times to get this operation going.  The about us page of is also interesting as it tells how I got into the web business to begin with.

BPO, KPO, LPO Outsourcing
This page not only has a lot of information about BPO companies, but also has many links to additional resource materials at the bottom of the page.

Data Entry Jobs
Find out where you can get data entry jobs, BPO, and call centre jobs. This is a FAQ page, so there is a lot of question and answer material here.

Data Entry Glossary
This section is still in the works as of 4-03-2011, but will be completed at the end of April for sure.  We have definitions of many data entry and transcription terms of which there are many.  I’m not sure if this page will be at all popular, but it is generally good in the web business to have a lot of free resource materials, so you will look useful.

Social Media
This page explains how to use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to expand your business’ exposure.  The positive attributes of social media including “real time interaction”, democracy, and exposure are discussed.  Find out what makes social media tick.

Web Design Information
This page has basic information about internet jobs, and what web design involves, picking a company, and more. At the bottom of the page, there is a link to even more information.

Data Entry India
This is our fastest growing page.  We get more data entry companies signing up with us, than any other category. Some prefer to be listed on our BPO India page, but most stay on the data entry India page.

BPO India
This is our second most popular content page on the directory.  India is the most popular country to look for a BPO, so if you run a BPO company, sign up with us on our BPO directory ASAP, so you can get exposure to find new clients!

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