New Signups are Coming in Fast

New signups are coming in fast is relatively new as an outsource directory, and just started being promoted in November. At first, sign ups were very far and few between.  We would get inquiries from people wanting a job, and a few inquiring about the directory, but hardly any signups.  Then, after a while ,we started getting more serious inquiries after we had been around a bit longer. The breakthrough was ridiculously simple. We added a sign up form instead of asking people to email us.  Sign ups tripled overnight on our outsource directory.  We highlighted the sign up button with red.
Sign up today!
If you want to sign up to be on our offshore outsource directory, we offer free listings to any serious outsourcing company.  We get hundreds of visitors daily from Singapore, USA, Canada, UK, and many other countries, so companies who need your services will be able to find you.
Our most popular categories are Data Entry, Call Center, Accounting, Programming, Medical Transcriptions, and Medical Billing.  Up and coming categories are LPO, Web Design, SEO, and KPO.  BPO is a strange category because every type of outsourcing is in a sense a BPO, but because we have such specific categories, we use the BPO category more as a miscellaneous category.
India is by far the most serious country, with Pakistan in second place.  We have yet to have any signups from the Philippines, South Africa, Bengladesh, or Nepal.  To my happy surprize, we got on call center in Costa Rica.  Lets hope we get more Latin American companies on board!
We are happy to give free listings away, but to get ahead in your internet presence, we recommend having a listing in two or more categories with high placement. Browsers tend to search from the top of the list on down.  Just ask us what we charge for higher placement and we’ll give you a customized quote.
What is the future of our directory?  We have more than ten years in the internet directory business, so we are very familiar with the evolution and optimization of websites.  We are actively promoting our twitter and blog which help in promiting our site.  Additionally, we are always working on optimization and our pay-per-click search networks too which gives us fantastic exposure which is only going to get better.  The more listings we have, the better we will show up on search engines.

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