How to acquire clients for call centers — Presentation!

I wrote a bunch of very similar sounding blog entries about how to acquire clients for call centers. The titles are all a little different. However, the content is very unique and helpful for each entry. Presentation is a very important topic that most outsourcing companies just don’t understand. Many companies just don’t understand how to have qualified people answer the phone and introduce their company. There are certain types of information that your phone answering staff need to know to make a good presentation so that you can have the best call center in town.

(1) What makes your company better than others of its kind?
Most people who answer the phone wouldn’t have a clue of how to answer that question. But, if you don’t know why someone should hire your company — then, they probably won’t — and probably shouldn’t. If you ask me what is better about my company, I can give you ten compelling reasons right off the top of my head — can you do that about your company? Think about it! You need to know why you are better. On the other hand, maybe your company is NOT better — and maybe that is why you can’t think of any reasons. Either you have better staff members, better flexibility, lower prices, or better something. If nothing else, perhaps you are better at being AVERAGE! Humor sells!

Here is a mock presentation:
Hello, this is Sam from YXV company. We sell widgets. Our widgets are no better and no worse than anyone else’s widgets. Additionally, our sales staff is no better or worse trained than the average widget selling company. Our delivery times and reliability are also pathetically average. Why should you hire us? I have absolutely no idea — other than the fact that if you want to hire someone average — that’s us. When it comes to being average, we shine above (or beside) the rest. We excel at being mediocre. Hire us today– and be happy knowing that you hired someone average – -with a smile!

This presentation is actually very well structured and comedic. Believe it or not, it would sell well, especially with a TV commercial. You could show average Sam wearing an off white work outfit and a silly looking off white painter’s hat. You would remember Sam’s funny and artificial smile, how average or under average he looks, and how he made you laugh by trying to smile. The name YXV would stick in people’s heads, and next time they are browsing the phone book, or looking for widgets, they will remember you for being funny, and having brand recognition.

Here is how companies in India present themselves

Staff: Hi, this is Surendra from YXV company. We are a call center.

Prospect: Could you tell us about your workers?

Staff: Oh, well that is personal and I can not talk about that

Prospect: Could you tell us about your company’s history?
Staff: No, sorry, that also is personal. We don’t discuss that with strangers. All of our information is on the website.

Prospect: We just checked your website and it has absolutely no information about your company history or staff. It just mentions that you have 40 workers and do certain types of services. It quotes some very technical statistics about your company without giving me any idea of who you are and what the personality of your company is like.

Staff: Once again, sorry, but I am not at liberty to discuss that. We have an 87% success rate with our clients (whatever that means), and have a 93.3% rate of something else.

Prospect: These numbers are very dry and unhelpful. They mean nothing to me. Sure it is nice to have statistics about your company the same way that big companies do. But, understanding the people who I will be dealing with means a lot more to me — but, I think that your evasiveness and vacuous responses have given me all the information that I need to know about your company — which basically is — to never call your company again even if my life depends on it.

Here is a better presentation

Staff: Hi this is Vivek from YXV company. We are a call center that has been in business for 12 long years.

Prospect: That sounds wonderful to know that you have longevity. How are your years longer than regular years?
Staff: Each of the 12 years, actually only had 12 months… perhaps 12.5 lunar months if you go by that. But, we accomplished so much in each year, that I personally feel, that they qualify to be categorized as long years — just like a New York minute really is shorter than a regular minute.

Prospect: Interesting answer. By the way, I like that you answered your phone.

Staff: I beg your pardon?
Prospect: Most companies don’t answer their phone.

Staff: Well, how can they acquire clients for their call center if they don’t?
Prospect: Maybe they don’t want clients. But, your company seems to want to acquire clients for their call center! And, you are very interesting to talk to.

Staff: Oh, well thank you! Would you like to know about our company history?
Prospect: Usually it is like pulling teeth trying to get a company to properly introduce themselves, and here you are actually VOLUNTEERING valuable information to me. You guys REALLY do want to acquire more call center clients!

Staff: Well, back 12 years ago, our founder Mr. Reddi wanted to try a new business. He came from a business family, but they were all in old fashioned businesses, and he wanted to keep up with the changing economic times…..
…………. etc…

Prospect: Wow, that was a great story, after hearing that story, I feel as if I know Mr. Reddi personally. How about your staff members?
Staff: Yes, well, we have 30 total staff members. We have 20 full timers, and a handful of part timers. Our senior manager is Jeff, and ….etc.

As you can see, this salesperson is informative, personable, and funny. Those are characteristics that sell. Additionally, he answered his phone which is more than I can say for 70% of Indian companies. Do you answer your phone? I suggest you at least think about it!

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