Is it better to have a woman do your phone calls?

I do a lot of my own phone calls.
But, I learned that my female counterparts are more popular with our clients than I am. Hmmm, what am I doing wrong? Is it me, or is it my gender? I just had a lady do some of the calls that I normally do, but, she got a much higher sign up rate for our newsletter list than I get? Part of it is gender, but she is also slower and more patient — clients like that. Interestingly enough, I once hired a guy with a high pitched voice. He was very popular over the phone because people THOUGHT he was a woman.

But, is hiring a woman always good?
Speaking slowly, clearly, listening, and being able to answer questions is very important. I am a boss, and in a huge hurry because I have more tasks than I do time. People like someone who has the time to go a little slower, so hiring someone else who has less on their late is a great idea.

But, when should you hire a man?
People respect men more as authority figures as a general rule. I am a very gentle guy, but I get more respect as an authority as my company than my saleslady. The irony is that she is much tougher than I am, but because of her gender, she is treated as less powerful than I am. The fact that she is not the owner is part of the reason she is treated as less powerful. But, actually, she is very powerful, because she influences me. If she says a particular client is trouble, I will “write them up” in my files, and that client could be in trouble with us in the long run! I would say:

For call lists that involve a person of authority, a gentle man with a manly voice might get a better result than a tough woman!

Boy, the world is such an unfair place!

(1) Proven fact — it is better to have women do many types of customer service phone calls!
(2) Women are more patient with phone customers. They listen better than men. Ironic, considering guys spend so much time listening to them!
(3) Women listen better to phone customers than men. Ironic, considering men spend so much time listening to women!

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