Now is the perfect moment

Unfortunately in business, we are not in control of the daily functioning of our business. Critical employees get sick, quit, or don’t do what they are supposed to do. We have subcontractors who have pipelines for when they get things done as well. Your computer project might take three months to finish if they are on schedule which rarely happens. So, doing things now is not always possible.

I find that I am doing too many things now. I am good at optimizing my work, to do the most critical task now. It keeps me busy all the time, because there is always something critical to do.

But, what about those things that are of vital imporance that you should be doing now, that you just don’t do? You should do them now!

Let’s forget about doing things, and get geared up for higher consciousness. In the mundane world we always talk about doing, doing, and doing. Do things now. Be successful. Successful people do things now. I say, pick the most important thing that you can do, and do that now. In life, we have limited hours, and can not do everything. your ability to pick the most important tasks and do them first will be a rewarding skill. But, what else can we do now besides active things? Conditioning our subconscious for success. Do that now too!

Conditioning your subconscious is not something that you do. It is a non-activity. It is actively passive, or passively active. Maybe that is how the gurus would describe it. Are you afraid to do something that you need to do? Are you limiting yourself mentally by some thought patterns that you have? Do you have limiting thoughts that prevent you from reaching your true potential? While your subcontractors are dragging their heels getting your work done — work on your consciousness — now!

By evolving your consciousness, you can rise to that next level in business much more quickly than from overworking yourself into a coma. Remember, if you are a head of an organization, you are not the arm. Someone else should be your arm and leg. They should do the doing, and you should do the visioning. Condition your thinking to rising to that next level — I think that is what you should do now.

Getting back to spirituality — now is the only moment that exists — so spiritually there is no difference between doing something, and doing it now. Doing something later = not doing it. On the other hand deciding that you are going to do something, and deciding when you are going to do something is like doing something now, without actually doing the action now. The decision which overcomes the inertia happens now, and hence starts the process. Kabbalistically, once that decision is made — it is already done.

To quote one of the programmers that I fired last year — “It is done”

I heard those words only to discover that my suspicion that nothing had been done was correct. This happened partly because that programmer was a liar, and partly because he didn’t — “Do it now!”

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