A free economic zone in America?

A “meritocrac​y” with a level playing field at least!

I fantasize about this idea. What would America be like if there was a free economic zone somewhere on the coast in Washington or California, or North Carolina. The zone could have its own airport. The zone would be cut off from the rest of the country, but would have certain freedoms unheard of in the rest of the United States. People from anywhere in the world could come to that zone with NO visa and NO permission. They could work for whomever would hire them at ANY WAGE that they agreed to. There would be no minimum wage, no unemployment tax, no state tax and no complicated paperwork. It would be so easy to run a business there that businesses would flock there.

China has implemented the “Free economic zone” idea for decades and prospered. Their ingenuity and flexibility made their country prosperous while America in its rigidity is broke. China has also created a few IT zones which are also growing nicely. The Chinese government has programs to assist businesses in their growth. America has restrictions, paperwork, legal liabilities and taxes to stifle the growth of companies. No wonder companies are FORCED to outsource overseas.

I run an outsourcing directory and am neither for or against outsourcing. However, I would note that life is easier when you can get your functions done in your country. People these days are outsourcing NOT because they choose to, but because they are FORCED TO if they wish to get anything done — at all. A free outsourcing zone or zones in the continental United States would be such a boon to domestic business that miracles would happen. It would finally create a truly free marketplace that is functioning on a LEVEL playing field! This would be what India calls a Meritocracy!

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