The Google algorithm has some serous issues

I am a long term admirer of Google and most of my traffic comes from them. My observations are only meant to help and inspire, but not to demean or criticize.

When looking for IT companies online, I find that I only come up with blogs and a ton of job offerings. Yes, job offerings are important. However, Google is supposed to be a smart search engine and focus on what the browser wants to find. If I am looking for COMPANIES, that is a very different nature of search than looking for JOB OFFERS. The reason for this is because Google rewards pages that are new, or recently updated, and job offers fit that description, while hard-coded pages of actual companies are more static and get updated every several years at best.

Google has a very sophisticated algorithm that identifies relevancy based on sentence structure, incoming links, outgoing links, and how many what I call “associated” keywords you use. If you are writing about Acupuncture and use words like “neck pain”, or “back pain”, then Google knows that you are writing something that really is related to Acupuncture and you are not just faking it.

But, there needs to be some mechanism in the search process to identify what type of search results to give. Perhaps a filter where you can pick what type of search you want.

PHP Programming Company — search term
Then, Google could offer you a choice.

“Gee, it looks like you are looking for Programming Houses, would you like to see: (1) Jobs offered in PHP (2) Blogs related to PHP Programming (3) Programming Companies or (4) Other information relating to PHP programming.”

This way I could easily target my search in one easy click and actually be able to find results — what a novel concept!

The next hurdle is identifying which software companies are any good. This job I leave to myself, so that I can publish useful search results on!

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